Help Someone Get a Job... Give a gift that keeps on giving!

(A paycheck is what they need.)

Help them learn the job search skills and learn them yourself to help them search!

You can send them this workshop to help them learn the Top 5 job search skills. You may also want to get one for them and one for you. This lets you learn the skills and actually help them search for a job.

Hlep out a  family member or friend.

This is for you if...

you want to help someone get a job.

  • You want to help someone learn the 5 fundamental job search skills to help them get a job.
  • You want to learn the job search skills to actually help someone search for a job on the internet.
  • You understand that there are two sets of job skills. Job skills are needed to do a job. Job search skills are needed to get a job.
  • You understand that 5 job search skills are better than 1.

Top 5 Job Search Skills! Help them learn the skills needed to get a job!

This combination of job search skills is powerful:

1.  Custom Keywording Resume

Today resumes are electronic and scanned by computers. You need the right keywords to get a job.

2.  Navigating Job Search Websites

Jobs are posted online. You need to learn the techniques to navigating job search engines to find a job.

3.  Building Online Business Profile

Hiring managers go online to choose who to interview in person. You need a great business profile online.

4.  Using Technology to Network

Using technology to network can turbo boost your networking.

5.  Making a Great First Impression

Your business headshot online creates a hiring managers first impression of you. Learn how to get a great headshot.

Watch Video Any Time

There are a lot of details so being able to watch the video over and over is helpful in learning these new skills.

Download to Your Computer

You can download the Top 5 Job Search Skills workshop video to your computer. Look in Downloads or search for Top5JobSearchSkills to find it.

Gift Workshop

With the Gift version we send you an email with a download link for the video that you can forward to the person needing a job.

Learn Skills to Help

You can buy one workshop for them and one for you. This way you can help them in their job search. You also learn skills to help your career.

Get instant access to Top 5 Job Search Skills now!

If you want to help someone get a job, you can send them this video to help them learn the job search skills they need to get a job.

Help them Learn - Help them Search

You can send this workshop as a gift. Helping someone who is looking for a job learn the five fundamental job search skills can help them get a job.

Men's and Women's Versions. The only difference is that the men's workshop has the headshot skills workshop for men and the women's has the headshot workshop for women.

Give & Recieve. They say when you give you also get. With this workshop learning the job search skills to help them look for a job will also help you. You will learn how to strengthen your career and have the job search skills in case you need a job in the future.

I feel in control

"Looking for a job can leave you feeling helpless. This workshop has made me feel more in control."

Bob Smith

Give them "A Steady Paycheck".

Being without a job sucks. Looking for a job can be depressing. You can provide more than just encouragement.

Helping them get an edge in their job search and helping them search for jobs is more than just cheerleading. Invest in their future.

Take Control of Your Job Search!

Learning how to use these five job search fundamentals will help you be in control of your job search and get that great job.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Get instant access to Top 5 Job Search Skills now!

Helping someone get a job can change their life. Sending them this workshop as a gift or going 2X and learning the skills to help them search for a job is a good thing.