Learn How To Get a Job... There are 5 fundamental job search skills

(The combination of all 5 is powerful)

Learn all 5 job search fundamentals in less than a week!

Establish the foundation of your job search in less than a week. Learn how to 1. Navigate job search engines, 2. Custom keyword your resume, 3. Build your online business profile, 4. Use technology to network and 5. Make a great first impression with a great business headshot.

"The power of these top 5 job search skills combined will transform your job search."

This is for you if...

you want to do everything you can to get a job and are willing to get help with the things you don't know.

  • You understand how the internet has changed the hiring process.
  • You understand how missing one thing can hurt your ability to get a job interview.
  • You understand that job skills are different than job search skills.
  • You want to transform your job search in less than a week, setting up things and using the new skills you have learned."

Top 5 Job Search Skills! Learn the skills required to find a job!

If you want to learn the skills required to get a job we can help:

1.  Custom Resume Keywording

Learn how to custom keyword your resume for every job you apply for.

2.  Build Online Business Profile

Learn how to build your business profile online where hiring managers go to make their final choices.

3.  Navigate Job Search Websites

Learn tips and techniques for navigating job search engines to find a job.

4.  Networking with Technology

Learn how to network using technology to connect you with people.

5.  Make a Great First Impression

Learn how to get a great business headshot to make a great first impression online.

See Where to Click

See where to click and what to do in a real time video.

Watch the Video Again

There are a lot of details. You can watch the video as many times as you want to get all of them.

Learn Why

Learn what to do and why you are doing it to make you more effective at doing it.

1 Week Challenge

In less than a week you should be able to set up your business profile and begin using your new skills.

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Make your job search 5 times stronger: The combination of these top 5 job search skills will make your job search much more effective.

Learning skills & avoiding mistakes.

Job Skills vs. Job Search Skills. You learned skills to do a job. There is a separate set of skills needed to find a job. My dad used to say that if I was out of work, my job was to find a job. We want to help you learn the job search skills needed to help you get a  job.

The Power of 5. Having a resume is good. Knowing how to custom keyword your resume, navigate job search engines, build your online business profile, use technology to network, and make a great first impression online with a great business headshot is much more powerful.

Avoiding Job Search Mistakes. There are simple mistakes that people make that leave them left out of the hiring process. A hiring manager must go decide who to invite to interview in person and who to leave out. We also teach you how to avoid mistakes that get people left out of the hiring process.

I feel in control!

"I was sending out resumes but getting no response. This workshop gave me so many skills that I now feel confident in my job search."

Bob Jones

Learn "How to Get a Job" 5 Ways.

You are fighting for a job. Make sure you have the skills to win.

My dad always told me to work smarter not harder. Well actually he told me to work hard too. You need a combination of both working smart and working hard to get a job. This video can help you work smarter and get the job you want.

Gain Control of Your Job Search!

Learning and using these five fundamental job search skills will help you gain control of your job search.


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If you need a job, learn the skills to get a job.