Business Headshot Skills... Make a Great First Impression Online

(More important than your resume)

No headshot makes your profile 17 times less likely to be clicked on

When hiring managers go online to checkout job applicants to choose who to interview in person no photo can mean no job interview. If 200 people apply for a job and 100 have all the basic education, skills and experience they then go online to choose the 10 people they will spend time interviewing in person. LinkedIn is the #1 place they go and no profile photo gets passed by.

"Hiring managers want to see people's personalities. Learn how to look great in a great headshot to help you get a job."

This is for you if...

You understand first impressions count.

  • Before the internet first impressions were created in person. Today a hiring managers first impression of you is your headshot on the internet.
  • Can first impressions be created by a photograph? Yes, photographs were used to study first impressions in the first impression studies at Harvard, Princeton and Stanford.
  • You understand how the internet has changed the hiring process.
  • You know you need a headshot but hate to have your picture taken and need help looking your best in your business headshot."
  • You understand that especially in searching for a job if you don't make a great first impression online you may not get a chance to make a second impression in person in an interview.
  • You understand it is about your expression not your face. Your expression is their first impression of you. Instead of frozen and fake learn how to have a relaxed, confident, genuine smile that will make hiring managers want to meet you and hire you.

Learn how to look great in a photo! Looking great in a business headshot is now a business skill!

Learn how to make a great first impression online to help you get a job:

Great Body Language

Learn how to have great body language in your business headshot.

Best Face Angle

Learn how to find the best angle for your face in your business headshot.

Genuine Expression

Instead of fake and frozen learn how to look relaxed, friendly and confident in your business headshot.

Photography Tips

How to find great natural lighting, location, backgrounds, retouching for only $5. and more.

Starter Headshot

Headshot's can cost hundreds of dollars. This workshop shows you how to take your own headshot and save money.

Practice Before Paying

Paying a photographer to capture you with a frozen, fake smile is bad. Learn how to relax and have a great expression before paying.

100% Great First Impression

In person we can't make a great first impression every time. A great photograph is recorded so it makes the same great first impression online every time a person sees it.

Advance Career

Looking successful online with a confident, friendly smile will help people in business see you that way.

Value Coding

Business studies have shown people do value coding when they first see a person. Value coding determines investment depth. The value they give you determines how much time, energy and resources they will invest in you.

Get instant access to BUSINESS HEADSHOT SKILLS now!

Learn how to look great in your business headshot to make a great first impression online and help you get a job interview.

Negative vs. Positive Filters

Your expression creates a negative or positive filter. I had a job recruiter tell me that the expression on a persons face at the top of their LinkedIn profile created a negative or positive filter through which they viewed the rest of the information underneath it in their profile.

Exclude or Include. If the first impression made by their expression was negative they looked for reasons to exclude them from the hiring process. If the first impression from their photo was positive they looked for reasons to include them in their job search.

Same information viewed differently. The same information was viewed negatively or positively based on the expression in their headshot. If the person was a little bit short of the experience they needed they would leave them out if they didn't like them but say that's okay and include them if they did like them based on the expression in their headshot.

First Impressions Are Important

"I have always hated to have my photograph taken and usually don't like the results. When I posted my new business headshot on LinkedIn I got a lot of very positive response. For new clients it gives them a sense of who I am.

If you need a great headshot and need help learning the skills to get one this is a great workshop!"

Elizabeth Quintanilla

The Skill of Looking Good.

Learn how to make a great first impression in a photograph and in person.

The skills you learn to look great in your business headshot will also help you look great in person. You can create that same great smile when you meet a hiring manager in an in person interview.

Do You Have a Great Headshot? If not, Get one now!

No business headshot leaves you at a disadvantage when hiring managers go online before deciding who to interview in person. Over 75% of businesses require their hiring managers to check people out online before inviting them to interview. Learn how to make a great first impression online that leads to a job interview in person.


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Get instant access to BUSINESS HEADSHOT SKILLS now!

If you are serious about getting a job you need to do what needs to be done. Making a great first impression with a great business headshot will help you get a job.